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Chicago Pawn Broker
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Welcome to Chicago’s most specialized source of loans, collateralized by your fine
jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, and luxury timepieces.   

Jewelry is our passion – precious metals, glorious gemstones, and elegant watches.
Our facility is in the world-famous Mallers Jewelers’ Center on Jewelers Row.

We know the resale value of fine jewelry – contemporary or vintage. We’re professional
gemologists, well-schooled in the precious-metals markets, and well-connected in the
markets of prestigious fine-jewelry designers and retailers.  

We are very good at what we do, and we will offer you the fairest, most generous loans
we possibly can.  Our most satisfied loan customers are people who know and love fine
jewelry, too … and are so knowledgeable about market values – whether buying or
selling/collateralizing – that they recognize, trust and appreciate our ethical and
professional ways of doing business.
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