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The global financial collapse is changing everyone’s views, lifestyles and dreams.  It is
changing how we think about what’s most important to us, too.  In some cases, it’s even
changing how we think about ourselves.  Maybe we can help with that part.

Sometimes cash really is king.  No matter who we are, all of us face financial
emergencies from time to time. We understand what that feels like, and we’re in
business to offer you a loan on your fine jewelry, precious metals, and timepieces to
help with those emergencies.

If you’re offering a computer, camera, electronics, fine art (or anything other than high-
end jewelry), we’re not the right shop for you.  We don’t know enough about those
product lines to offer you a fair loan. We’re experts in fine jewelry and will offer you a
fast, fair loan.

Our business tips toward fine jewelry’s high end.  Our smallest loan is $25. Those
decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  We can talk about all that when we meet
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